its a metaphor you see you put the killing thing in your mouth and then do cartwheels and shit until you choke on it 

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dont let them in

dont let them see

be the good girl you always have to be

conceal dont feel dont let them know

well now they know

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i wrote a really hot self-inserted newsies smut, i think i’ll just leave it here in the tag ;)

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damn there goes the easter benny fankhauser happy easter 

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when people try to speak on the behalf of entire fandomsimage

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“Mom, dad… I’m theatre”

“nope sorry the bible says Adam and Eve not Adam and Patti LuPone”


I will never regret making this text post

i had a dream i dreamed it for you eve it wasnt for you satan

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i drew what newsies would be like if katherine had a tumblr

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i never need to make another fucking jok e ever again

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And now is time 4 my new fanfiction called “a day at the beach” starring…..

Mel as Jack’s significant other

Maria as Davey’s GF

Olivia as Crutchie’s GF

Me as Henry’s GF

Becca as Spec’s GF

Lexi as Race’s GF

Stephanie as Spot’s GF

(if ur not up here that means you liked my post after i started writing it/ i couldnt find any info abt u that i could use in the story like ur name or anythin sorry very sorry i still love u!!!)

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lms 2 be a part of my all new newsie fan fiction im writing

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