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so im leaving for stagedoor v. soon which means this blog is going to be mostly inactive for 3 whole weeks!!!

if u want to write me (pls write me) you should inbox me with information on that!!!!!!

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i want everyone to understand that if i go off on you, it isn’t a personal attack until you choose to make it personal between us by acting immature from thereon after. if you make a controversial post over something that will offend or hurt other people, my friends especially, i will always first assume that you weren’t purposefully trying to hurt anyone.  unless you are posting in a tone that is hostile or blatantly rude, my only motivation for responding to you will be to make sure you know what the real situation is like and that you understand why your post could offend someone.  

my point is that this website gets messy.  fansies can get crazy.  i have seen firsthand the effects of cyberbullying and i really want everyone in this fandom to get along, especially this close to the show closing.  if i see a post that can be construed as offensive or hurtful to a person or a group of people i will call it out because i hate seeing unhappy fansies.  it is not a personal attack on you or your beliefs, its just me doing what i know is right.

and please, please, for the love of god, don’t use the “its my blog so i can say whatever i want” card on me.  even the internet has guidelines.  freedom of speech doesn’t give you the freedom to infringe upon others by being mean and hateful.  nor does it give you the freedom to ignore whatever consequences are brought down upon you as a result.  anybody who has ever gone to school would know that.


lol it's on my blog because a) it can be, b) I want it to be and c) I didn't know your lil friend had set up camp in the goddamn newsies tag

a) and b) While I support your right to blog as freely as you want, please try to remember that there are guidelines that prevent the harassment of other tumblr users on your blog.  Freedom of speech isn’t freedom of consequences for saying shitty things.

c) Well then maybe you should have looked into that before you made a rude post about something you literally know next to nothing about other than what you choose to believe happened.




gosh it happened when my url was still suttonly-foster


Some random hoe tricked the newsies fandom into thinking she was actually in the cast/on for spot conlon or something? And she was obsessed with a few of the cast members and pretended to be best friends with one??? Well everyone got confused and then her and her friends tried to play it off as a ‘joke’ even though she’d gotten anons asking about how the show was and stuff and answered them like she knew what the hell she was talking about instead of saying ‘that was just a joke’


She took it way too far and everyone got confused and mad and everyone was sending anon hate to everyone and eventually the cast found out and got creeped out

hi i’m sorry about this but i want to clear a few things up.

1. the “”random hoe”” has a name and it’s alanna

2. the WHOOOOOLE thing really was a joke between friends that just went too far.   it was all satire.   the way people believed in that was like the way people are believing my post about guy fieri taking over for jack kelly.  she never actually thought anyone would believe her until multiple fansies caught the attention of her posts.  don’t even think for a second that alanna would do what she did if she knew she was going to be met with the response she was met with she would have gone through with the joke.

3. she wasn’t “”“obsessed with a few of the cast members”“” as you so put it and she didn’t “”pretend to be best friends with one”“.  like i said it was all part of the satire.  i understand that from an outsider’s perspective it looked like she was genuinely trying to trick people but if you could see things from the perspective of her friends you would understand that it is all a part of her very satire sense of humor.   

4. i don’t know where you’re getting the whole “the cast got creeped out”” thing but i want proof of it.  the fact of the matter is that alanna is close to certain cast members and knowing her they would understand.  just because you didn’t understand doesn’t mean others did.

5. why is this whole “its been one year” memorial thing even on your blog right now?  why does it matter?  if this happened to you and you recieved the blacklash alanna got wouldn’t you want it behind you?  i don’t mean to sound like i’m attacking you right now but this is honestly such an unnecessary series of posts commemorating next to nothing.  please just put this behind you and move on.

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do u ever sit back and think to yourself

man the cast of newsies: the musical is hot

but them movie boys tho